Monday, May 19, 2014

jQuery IS JavaScript

Every time I come across a programmer (who is just learning how to code), they always ask me these questions:

  1. What is jQuery?
  2. Why do we program jQuery inside of a JavaScript file?
  3. jQuery isn't JavaScript, right?

I'll admit, I'm not really good at explaining things, so bear with me. The last time I tried explaining to my sister what a (JavaScript) Object method was it turned out to be an disaster. You can say I'm one of those people who learn something from my own point of view and then  have trouble explaining from that point of view. I eventually worked it out with my sister, but it took me some time to explain it as simply as I could. But everyone learns things differently, so it's only natural if others can't comprehend you from your own understanding. You just have to find a way to provide an understanding for them to comprehend what you learned in an easier-term. Everyone thinks alike in a sense, but not really. Keep that in mind.

Why am I telling you this (you didn't ask this question, I know)? Because I'm warning you that you might not be able to understand me, but just let me know in the comment section. I'll find a way to make it even more simpler for you. :)

What is jQuery?

jQuery is awesome, that's what it is! No seriously, jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes manipulating the DOM (in other words, the HTML document) much easier and funner. It was created by thousands of coders who are experts at JavaScript and ran on either Mountain Dew or coffee (you gotta know your history, kid). They even have their own website which is called 

If I were you, I would keep this website bookmarked. They have nearly everything listed in their documentation about methods that you could use and choose from. I believe they also provide several demonstrations as to how each method works too, so don't hesitate to "Write less, do more".

Why do we program jQuery inside of a JavaScript file?

You program jQuery in a JavaScript file because you wouldn't be able to program it elsewhere, unless it's put in <script> tags in the HTML document. But other than that, you're outta luck. Not satisfied with your answer? Good. Read the next question below - it's related.

                      jQuery isn't JavaScript, right?

No, no. jQuery is JavaScript. You can't let that confuse you, my friend. That's why I said you only program jQuery in a JavaScript file (or HTML document with <script> tags) because it's JavaScript itself. The purpose of jQuery is to make creating interactive websites more simpler, that's all. With the help of jQuery, websites all over the world have been becoming better and better each day. And the best part about jQuery is that it's still growing, so you'll always be able to find something new once it's added. Keep an eye out, coder!

I hope this fixes all misunderstandings that some of you people might have. Like I had mentioned before, I'm speaking from my understanding about this topic. So if I added any misleading information, please feel free to clarify. Whatever the case, the most important thing that I didn't mix up is the fact that jQuery is JavaScript. That's honestly all you really need to know. :)

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